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“Out of the Nuclear Shadow: Scientists and the Struggle Against the Bomb,” Dr. Zia Mian

2014 Linus Pauling Legacy Award

April 21, 2014


Zia Mian
Zia Mian (Princeton University)

“Out of the Nuclear Shadow: Scientists and the Struggle Against the Bomb”  Watch Video

In his lecture, Mian provides an overview of the responsibilities that scientists have historically assumed with respect to nuclear issues, pointing to Linus Pauling and Leó Szilárd as particularly impactful examples for later generations. Moving to contemporary affairs, Mian paints a downbeat picture of current trends in the nuclear realm, noting the United States' plan to massively modernize its nuclear complex and the continuation of sabre-rattling in nuclear-armed India and Pakistan. In the midst of this alarming scene, the world's attention is increasingly moving away from nuclear issues as climate change and other problems of the day capture the news cycle. Mian reiterates the devastating impact that a nuclear conflagration would make upon Earth; worldwide famine and extreme planetary cooling being among the likely outcomes. The scenario is such that Mian, in echoing the Pugwash Conference of 1955, suggests that "those who know the most are the most gloomy."

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