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“Linus Pauling and the Temptations of Evolutionary Ethics,” Dr. Chris Hables Gray

Resident Scholar Lecture

September 21, 2011


Chris Hable Gray
Chris Hable Gray (The Union Institute and University)

“Linus Pauling and the Temptations of Evolutionary Ethics”  Watch Video

Linus Pauling's political activism was always conducted in the context of his deep belief in evolution. This is unsurprising considering he was a major contributor to our knowledge of how evolution works. Still, the specifics of some of his activism reveals the danger of giving in to the temptations of evolutionary ethics, as OSU historian Paul Farber warned. But Pauling's activism and his science also show that, difficult as it might be, we need to look to evolutionary science to inform our work toward a more ethical and just world, and here too Farber's historical analysis helps us understand how to do this.

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