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“The Military Power and the Larger Complex,” Dr. John Kenneth Galbraith

Fifth Annual Ava Helen Pauling Memorial Lecture for World Peace

October 14, 1986


John Kenneth Galbraith
John Kenneth Galbraith (Harvard University)

“The Military Power and the Larger Complex”  Watch Video

Dr. Galbraith draws on his extensive experience in international politics to discuss United States foreign policy in the early- to mid-1980s, with particular regard to the Soviet Union and the issue of nuclear arms control. Galbraith outlines the process by which the military powers in both countries gained a dangerous surfeit of power, and warns the audience that they must actively work to keep this power in check, or face grim consequences.

Galbraith further discusses the inefficiency of contemporary summit meetings, the effects of military spending on the economy, and the hazards presented by over-involvement in the affairs of other nations. Galbraith closes by calling on the audience to become politically involved in an effort to curb the fear and tension that feed the growth of military power.

Following the conclusion of his prepared remarks, Galbraith entertains questions from the audience for approximately fifteen minutes.

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