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Student Learning Curriculum: Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers
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Appendix: General Guidelines for Use of Special Collections Materials

    Availability of Materials

  • Permission to examine Special Collections materials will be granted to researchers upon completion of an application form and agreement to abide by the rules governing the use of Special Collections materials. Such permissions are granted subject to whatever restrictions may have been placed on the materials by donors or depositors.
  • Special Collections will hold materials for patrons by special arrangement.
  • Researchers may not browse the Special Collections stacks. Materials will be retrieved by Special Collections staff; please completely identify items desired, noting elements such as "Vault", "Valley McDonald", "Locked Room", "Pauling Personal Library" and any dates are important parts of the call number.
  • Researchers may not remove materials from the Special Collections reading room for any purpose.
  • Researchers must retain the order in which materials are arranged.
  • In certain cases, researchers may be required to use microfilm or printed copies of manuscript materials when such copies are available.
  • Exclusive rights to examine or publish materials will not be granted.

    Protection of Materials

  • Manuscripts may not be leaned on, written on, folded, or handled in any way that is likely to damage them. Special Collections staff may deny patrons use of materials due to improper handling or other offenses.
  • Patrons may only use a pencil and loose-leaf paper or laptop computer while examining Special Collections materials.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Patrons must keep back-packs, briefcases, purses, bags, computer cases etc., in plain view on the table provided in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Patrons are advised to remove their personal belongings whenever vacating the Special Collections Reading Room. Special Collections is in no way responsible for lost or stolen items.

Linus and Ava Helen Pauling, England, 1948.
Linus and Ava Helen Pauling, England, 1948.
LP Photographs, 1948i.39


  • Photocopies of materials in the OSU Special Collections are provided as a service to expedite research and lessen wear on materials, and are made solely for the personal use of the individual researcher requesting them. Photocopies may not be transferred to another individual or organization, deposited at another institution, or reduplicated without prior permission of Valley Library and Oregon State University Special Collections.
  • In some cases, Special Collections may refuse to make copies because of the physical condition of the material, the amount of staff time required to do the work, special restrictions imposed by the donor, copyright law, and/or right-to-privacy statutes.

    Permission to Publish

  • Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish them. A separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the OSU Special Collections. Researchers who plan eventual publication of their work should make inquiry concerning overall restrictions on publication before beginning their research. To the extent that it may properly do so, OSU will ordinarily grant the usual publication rights to applicants.
  • However, in granting permission to publish, OSU does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish any of the materials from its collection or grant permission to others to publish them. If permission to publish is granted, the location of the cited material shall be indicated in the published work.
  • A free copy of all publications which rely heavily on the material in the OSU Special Collections (except dissertations) should be presented to Special Collections as soon as the work is published. OSU does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright material held by others.

Linus and Ava Helen Pauling, 1974.
Linus and Ava Helen Pauling, 1974.
LP Photographs, 1974i.4