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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

17. Pauling Personal Library. 1806-1998.

The 4,000+ volumes that form the personal library of Linus and Ava Helen Pauling are detailed in this section. Arranged according to author's last name, the books in the Personal Library bibliography are illustrative of the Paulings' many interests -- from pure science to sociological surveys to detective stories to crossword puzzles.

4,111 books

8. H.

(Page: 201 - 280)

Hoffmann, Roald and Vivian Torrence.Chemistry Imagined : Reflections on Science. With a foreword by Carl Sagan and a commentary by Lea Rosson DeLong. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1993. QD39 .H68 1993.
Hogg, John A. and Jacob C. Stucki, eds.Patterns for Progress from the Sciences to Medicine : A Symposium Held on the Occasion of the Dedication of Upjohn's New Research and Development Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on October 17-19, 1976. Miami: Symposia Specialists, 1977. R850.A1 P33.
Hogness, Thorfin Rusten and Warren Charles Johnson.Qualitative Analysis and Chemical Equilibrium. New York: Holt, 1954. QD81 .H66 1954.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Hohenner-Parker, Frieda.The World in Which I Live : The Activities of Scientists in Spirit Life. Recorded by Frieda Hohenner-Parker from information supplied by her son. Tunbridge Wells: Hohenner-Parker, 1955. BF1275.S3 H61 1955.
Holdridge, Herbert C.How to Gain Freedom from Economic Slavery. Sherman Oaks, California: Holdridge Foundation for the Advancement of Social Sciences, 1961. HC106.6 .H6 1961.
Holford, Patrick.Optimum Nutrition. London: ION, 1992. RA784 .H581 1992.
Holland, Maurice and Henry F. Pringle.Industrial Explorers. New York; London: Harper and Brothers, 1928. T39 .H6 1928.
Holmes, Harry Nicholls.General Chemistry. New York: Macmillan company, 1941. QD31 .H7 1941.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Holmes, Henry Lavergne.Structure-Activity Relationships for Some Conjugated Heteroenoid Compounds, Catechol Monoethers, and Morphine Alkaloids. Ralston, Canada: Defence Research Establishment Suffield, 1975. QP971 .H62 1975.
Holmes, Marjorie.God and Vitamins : How Exercise, Diet, and Faith Can Change Your Life. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1980. RA784 .H59.
Holmes, Marjorie.You and I and Yesterday. New York: W. Morrow, 1973. CT275.H645515 A38.
Handwritten note to Linus Pauling from the author.
Holton, Gerald James.The Twentieth-Century Sciences; Studies in the Biography of Ideas. Essays by Erik H. Erikson [and others]. New York: Norton, 1972. Q125 .T84 1972.
Holum, John R.Principles of Physical, Organic, and Biological Chemistry; an introduction to the molecular basis of life. New York: Wiley, 1969. QD31 .H737 1969.
Homonnay, F.A.International Food Identification Code : Manual for Nutrition. Glenn Dale, Maryland: Chief Seattle Foundation, 1991. TX551 .H69 1991.
Hooker, Richard.Mash. London: Sphere, 1970. PN6120.S42 M3961 1970.
Hooker, William Jackson, Sir.Garden Ferns, Or, Coloured Figures and Descriptions, with the Needful Analyses of the Fructification and Venation, of a Selection of Exotic Ferns Adapted for Cultivation in the Garden, Hothouse, and Conservatory... The drawings by Walter Fitch, F.L.S. London: L. Reeve and co., 1862. QK523 .H72.
Hoopes, Roy.A Report on Fallout in Your Food. New York: New American Library, 1962. TX571.R3 H61 1962.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Hoover, J. Edgar.Masters of Deceit; The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It. New York: Pocket Books, 1958. HX83 .H671 1958.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Hopkins, Albert A., ed.The Scientific American Cyclopedia of Receipts, Notes and Queries. New York: Munn and co., 1895. T49 .S351 1895.
Horie, H. and K. Sugimoto, eds.Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Moments and Nuclear Structure, Osaka, September 4-8, 1972. Tokyo: Physical Society of Japan, 1973. QC793.3.S8 I5671 1973.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Horn, Joshua S.Away with All Pests; An English Surgeon in People's China, 1954-1969; Introd. by Edgar Snow. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1971. R601 .H56.
Newspaper clipping pertaining to subject of book laid in.
Horowitz, Irving Louis.Philosophy, Science, and the Sociology of Knowledge. With a foreword by Robert S. Cohen. Springfield, Illinois: Thomas, 1961. BD175 .H59.
Ownership stamp of Linus Pauling.
Horowitz, Irving Louis.The War Game: Studies of the New Civilian Militarists. New York: Ballantine Books, 1963. UA23 .H56.
Horowitz, Norman H.To Utopia and Back : The Search for Life in the Solar System. New York: W.H. Freeman, 1986. QB54 .H654 1986.
Horowitz, Norman H. and Hutchings, Edward, Jr., eds.Genes, Cells, and Behavior : A View of Biology Fifty Years Later : 50th anniversary symposium, Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology, November 1-3, 1978. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman, 1980. QH301 .G39 1980.
Horrobin, David F.Medical Hubris: A reply to Ivan Illich. Montreal: Eden Press, 197?. RA418.I44 H67.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Horwitt, Max Kenneth.Vitamin E : Biochemistry, Nutritional Requirements and Clinical Studies / Organizing Committee M.K. Horwitt ... [et al.]. Bethesda, Maryland: American Society for Clinical Nutrition, 1973. QP772.T6 I51 1973.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Hotzel, Dieter and Hans J. Bielig.Vitaminversorgung, eine Aufgabe der Ernahrung : wissenschaftliches Symposium am 11. und 12. Oktober 1984 in Mainz / unter der wissenschaftlichen Leitung von Dieter Hotzel und Hans J. Bielig, Schirmherrschaft, Peter Eckes. Wiesbaden: VA-Tronik, 1985. TX553.V5 V581 1985.
Houston, Edwin James.A Dictionary of Electrical Words, Terms and Phrases. New York: W.J. Johnston, 1889. QC505 .H85 1889.
Houston, Penelope.The Contemporary Cinema. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1963. PN1994 .H73 1963.
Houston, Robert G.Repression and Reform in the Evalutaion of Alternative Cancer Therapies. Washington, D.C.: Project Cure, 1989. RC271.A62 H681 1989.
Houston, William Vermillion.Principles of Mathematical Physics. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1948. QC20 .H6 1948.
Handwritten ownership signature of Peter Pauling.
Houstoun, Robert Alexander.An Introduction to Mathematical Physics. London; New York: Longmans, Green, 1920. QC20 .H621 1920.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Howe, Susanna.Snow Flame. New York: Jove, 1981. PS3558.O893 S51 1981.
Hoxsey, Harry M.You Don't Have to Die. New York: Milestone Books, 1956. RC274 .H7 1956.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling on back cover.
Hoyle, Fred, Sir.From Stonehenge to Modern Cosmology. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman, 1972. QB981 .H755.
Book review laid in.
Hoyle, Fred, Sir.October the First Is Too Late. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1968. PR6058.O98 O3 1968.
Hoyle, Fred, Sir.Ossian's Ride. New York: Berkley, 1968. PR6058.O98 O8 1968.
Hoyle, Fred, Sir.Ten Faces of the Universe. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman, 1977. QB981 .H756.
Hoyle, Fred, Sir.The Black Cloud. New York: New American Library, 1959. PR6058.O98 B51 1959.
Hoyt, Samuel L.Metallography. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, inc., 1920-1921. TN690 .H9.
Handwritten ownership signatures.
Hsia, David Yi-yung.Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Chicago: Year Book Publishers, 1959. RB147 .H7 1963.
Ownership stamp of Linus Pauling.
Hsing, Lu.An Analysis of Human Nature and Lasting Peace. Taipei: s.n., 1963. BF145 .L81 1963.
Return address of the author clipped in.
Hsu, Jeng M., Robert L. Davis and Richard W. Neithamer, eds.The Biomedical Role of Trace Elements in Aging : Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by Eckerd College Gerontology Center and Geriatric, Research, Education and Clinical Center. St. Petersburg, Florida: Eckerd College Gerontology Center, 1976. QP86 .B53.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling. Photocopied handout laid in.
Hubbard, L. Ron.All about Radiation; Man's Inhumanity to Man, by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor. London: Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, 1957. QH652 .F341 1957.
Ownership stamp of Linus Pauling. Gift inscription on title page from David Morgan.
Hubbard, L. Ron.Dianetics : The Modern Science of Mental Health : A Handbook of Dianetics Procedure. Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, 1985. BP605.S2 H7957 1985.
Hubbard, L. Ron.Dianetics : The Modern Science of Mental Health: A Handbook of Dianetic Procedure. Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, 1978. BP605.S2 H7957 1978.
Hubbard, Prevost.Laboratory Manual of Bituminous Materials for the Use of Students in Highway Engineering. New York: J. Wiley and sons, inc., 1916. TE205 .H77.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Huber, Klaus-peter and Gerhard Herzberg.Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure. Volume 4, Constants of Diatomic Molecules. New York; Toronto: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1979. QC451 .H81 1979.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling. Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Hückel, Walter.Structural Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds. Translated by L.H. Long. New York: Elsevier Pub. Co., 1950-1951. QD151 .H8.
Hückel, Walter.Theoretische Grundlagen der Organische Chemie. English; Theoretical principles of organic chemistry. [Translated from the corr. 7th German ed. by F.H. Rathmann]. Amsterdam; Houston: Elsevier Pub. Co., 1955-1958. QD251 .H8 1955.
Hückel, Walter.Theoretische Grundlagen der Organischen Chemie. Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, 1931. QD251 .H851 1931.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Huemer, Richard P., ed.The Roots of Molecular Medicine : A Tribute to Linus Pauling. New York: W.H. Freeman, 1986. RM235.5 .R66 1986.
Handwritten note to Linus Pauling from the author. Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Huff, Darrell.Score : The Strategy of Taking Tests. Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England: Penguin, 1964. LC63 .H81 1962.
Hughes, Arthur Llewylyn and Lee Alvin DuBridge.Photoelectric Phenomena. New York; London: McGraw Hill book company, inc., 1932. QC715 .H8.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Hughes, D.E.P. and M.J. Maloney.Advanced Theoretical Chemistry. Foreword by F.C. Brown. London: Chatto and Windus, 1964. QD453 .H831 1964.
Handwritten note to Peter from Linus Pauling. 1 page TLS from the publisher tipped in.
Hughes, Donald James.On Nuclear Energy: Its Potential for Peacetime Uses. With a Foreword by Lewis L. Strauss. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1957. QC780 .H8.
Hugo, Victor.Les Miserables : A Novel. Translated from the original French by Charles E. Wilbour; rev. and edited by Frederick Mynon Cooper. New York: A.L. Burt Co., 1862. PQ2286.A3 W5 1862.
Handwritten ownership signature of isabelle Pauling.
Huie, William Bradford.Hotel Mamie Stover. New York: New American Library, 1964. PS3515 .H8815 1964.
Hull, Diana.The University of California and the Nuclear Weapons Laboratories, and, How the University of California Moved to New Zealand : A Fable. Santa Barbara, California: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1990. KZ5675 .H851 1990.
Hultgren, Ralph Raymond et al.Selected Values of the Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Alloys. Metals Park, Ohio: American Society for Metals, 1973. QD171 .S44.
In 2 parts printed by University Microfilms International in 1983. Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Humphrey, Henry, ed.Woman's Home Companion Household Book; Equipping a Home, Room Arrangement and Decoration, Slip-Covering, Upholstering, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Repair. New York: P.F. Collier, 1950. TX145 .W681 1950.
Hund, Friedrich.Linienspektren und Periodisches System der Elemente. Mit 43 abbildungen und 2 zahlentafeln. Berlin: J. Springer, 1927. QC451 .H85.
Hunter, Allan Armstrong.Christians in the Arena. Nyack, New York: Fellowship Publications, 1958. BR1601 .H8 1958.
Hunter, Beatrice Trum.The Great Nutrition Robbery. New York: Scribner, 1978. TX357 .H83 1978.
Hunter, Edward.The Black Book on Red China; The Continuing Revolt. New York: The Bookmailer, 1958. DS777.55 .H82.
Hurd, David Leonard and John Jervis Kipling, eds.The Origins and Growth of Physical Science. Edited by D.L. Hurd and J.J. Kipling. Harmondsworth: 1964. Q125 .H971 1964.
Husband, William H.Real Estate. Illinois: R.D. Irwin, 1954. HD255 .H8 1954.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Hutchins, Carleen Maley.Life's Key--DNA; A Biological Adventure into the Unknown. New York: Coward-McCann, 1961. QP551 .H8.
Handwritten note to Linus Pauling from the author.
Hutchins, Robert M.The Learning Society. New York: F.A. Praeger, 1968. LB875 .H975.
Handwritten note to Ava Helen and Linus Pauling from the author. Christmas poem laid in.
Hutchins, Robert M., et al.Robert M. Hutchins, Scott Buchanan, Donald N. Michael, Chalmers Sherwin, James Real, Lynn White. Jr., On Science, Scientists, and Politics. Santa Barbara, California: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1963. Q171 .C533 1963.
Hutchinson, Michael and Christopher Young.Educating the Intelligent. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1962. LB1607 .H861 1962.
Huxley, Aldous.Brave New World: a novel. Garden City, New York: Garden City Pub. Co., 1932. PR6015.U9 B8 1932a.
Handwritten ownership signature of Linus Pauling.
Huxley, Julian.Essays of a Humanist. Harmondsworth: Penguin in Association with Chatto and Windus, 1966. QH311 .H83 1966.
Huxley, Julian.Evolution in Action. New York: New Amerian Library, 1957. QH367 .H97 1957b.
Huxley, Julian.Religion without Revelation. New York: Harper, 1957. BL48 .H8 1957.
Ownership stamp of Linus Pauling. Book review laid in.
Hyde, B.G. and Sten Andersson.Inorganic Crystal Structures. New York: Wiley, 1989. QD921 .H93 1989.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Hyde, Earl K., Isadore Perlman and Glenn T. Seaborg.The Nuclear Properties of the Heavy Elements. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1964. QC776 .H9.
Handwritten notes of Linus Pauling.
Hyde, James Nevins.A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin : For the Use of Students and Practitioners. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers and Co., 1888. RL71 .H96 1888.
Hyman, Mac.No Time for Sergeants. New York: The New American Library, 1956. PS3515.Y68 N61 1956.