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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

01. Correspondence. 1919-2000.

This section is comprised of letters received by Linus Pauling as well as carbon copies of letters sent by Pauling. The correspondence section as a whole has been arranged alphabetically and sub-sorted chronologically. Within this broader schema, the correspondence section is further subdivided into three additional classifications: those individuals who made a prominent impact on either the history of twentieth-century science or on Pauling's life and work, have received their own entries under the heading Individual Correspondence. Likewise, correspondence with important organizations and institutions has been filed under the heading Organizational Correspondence. Finally, bulk mailings and more secondary materials have been grouped into General Correspondence files.

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24. X.

Box 459 (Page: 1)

459. X: Correspondence, 1964-1994.

X: Correspondence, 1964.
X: Correspondence, 1966.
X: Correspondence, 1971.
X: Correspondence, 1972.
X: Correspondence, 1982.
X: Correspondence, 1985.
X: Correspondence, 1991.
X: Correspondence, 1994.