"Unsolved Mysteries of Structural Chemistry." May 9, 1947

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"Unsolved Mysteries of Structural Chemistry." Page 1. May 9, 1947
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Associated: G.N. Lewis, J. Holmes Sturdivant, Sterling B. Hendricks, Verner Schomaker, Jürg Waser, A.A. Noyes, William Shand, Jr., Robert A. Spurr, R.E. Rundle, Alexandre Rothen, G. E. F. (Gustav Ernst Fredrick) Lundell, Eugene K. Maun, Cyrill Brosset, Herbert M. Powell, R. V. G. Ewens, Arne Magnéli, J. F. Keggin, Philip A. Vaughan, William H. Chapin, Charles A. Kraus, American Chemical Society. Northeastern Section.

ID: 1947s.7

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