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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to George Beadle. July 18, 1955.
Pauling writes that he has prepared his nomination of Dr. Harvey A. Itano for the Theobald Smith Award for 1955. He wonders if Beadle would be willing to prepare a letter supporting the nomination, suggesting thta Beadle might include a statement of the high opinion in which Dr. Itano is held personally by members of the Division of Biology. Pauling requests seven signed copies of the letter and encloses a draft of the nomination that he has prepared, two copies of the memo and multiple copies of nomination drafts. Transcript.

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Creator: Linus Pauling
Recipient: George Beadle
Associated: Harvey Itano

Date: July 18, 1955
Genre: correspondence
ID: corr181.5-lp-beadle-19550718
Copyright: More Information

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