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Worsley, Mrs. William de L., February 14, 1948.

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                                                           FEB 17   RECD

Mrs. Wm. De L. Worsley 2300 Seventeenth Avenue Columbus, Georgia

February 14, 1948

Albert Einstein, Chairman, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Inc., 118 Nassau St., Princeton, N.J.

Dear Dr. Einstein,

  I cannot tell you how pleased I was to get your letter of February 7th, telling what the Atomic Scientists are attempting to do to outlaw the use of the atomic bomb in war, by means of educating the public.  In a vague way, I was conscious that the scientists had made a wave in that direction soon after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I did not know just what was being done.
  Unfortunately, I did not see your splendid article in the Atlantic Monthly, which gives the whole picture so clearly, rising above political party and national sovereignty for the sake of humanity.  Recently I came across the article, "What Price Preparedness?", in the Atlantic, by Corde Meyer Jr.  It was terrifying in the extreme and I wish every one could read that, too.  
  It seems to me, we older ones should be smart enough to organize for peace and prevent war from going into this still more hideous phase, - along the lines you suggest.  Our religious leaders have failed so miserably in their leadership for peace.  They do not even attempt it - Perhaps

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