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Posin, Daniel Q., February 17, 1948

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                                                      FEB 18   RECD


Feb. 17, 1948

Miss Mary Ray Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists Princeton, N.J.

Dear Miss Ray:

 I am sorry that I did not reply to your letter previously, but I was shaking off one of my rare colds---it took a week, but I finally shook it (although it was really mutual).   But how considerate it was of the cold:  I had just delivered 4 talks in one day at Minot, N.D.,  then was taken by the cold for a week, missed no talks at all--it was simply strange how that week was free--and recovered just in time to go to Jamestown to give 4 more talks in one day--- (actually I am a bit ahead, the Jamestown deals are on the 19th).   It is really all very refreshing the way the situation worked out, and I am grateful no end to the world- minded cold bugs that seemingly were content to do their work when it least disturbed the worlds work (North Lakota version).  

  Of course the copy of the letter to our Public relations man was a thing of beauty (here I should say something modest-- but why bother).   I of course appreciate it very much and hope to live up to some of the things that were said.   I have no idea why the Public Relations man wrote to Minett-- It is a bit peculiar.   Maybe he's planning some publicity.   Or maybe he wanted to really be convinced that the ECAS had heard of me.   I don't know. 
 I want to thank you for the explanation re the inner doings of the ECAS---all I want to be sure of is that the thing is not going to fold.   As far as I am concerned, these regions out here are coming along very well---good publicity, editor of Detroit lakes Record prints my letters, tries to say liberal things in editorials, mentions work of scientists, etc.   Others doing fine; Methodist Church launching big mass meetings in cooperation with my work; throughout the State, hope to spread it to other States; radio time being offered me from five or six places (WDAY and KVNJ in Fargo---really loads of opportunities; KLPM in Minot broadcast speech for 45 minutes; station in Jamestown has me on Thursday...)  People very receptive;  I am telling you-- that we are just getting started...there's really a whole lot to tell, but I better wait a little for a fait accompli (how many c's?)   I even have a plan for launching a big money drive---just don't go away.   Interruption:  Methodists just rang up to say big meetings all set for March 1, 2, 4, and 5--- I'm touring with a Minister-Actor (from Hollywood, a guy named Hugh Beaumont---maybe you've seen him in movies.   I haven't.  I only go to see Danny Kaye.)   
 Of course and thanks for the second letter.  Oh but I was going to say that there was some pessimistic thing I read somewhere where a gloomy meeting was forecast for the ECAS for April 24th--- Or am I all confused.   That's okay,  you needn't bother telling me,  all I want to be sure of a is that no one is going to fold up

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