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Parker, George Lawrence, December 12, 1946.

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First Parish Church (Gathered in 1632) Duxbury, Massachusetts A liberal church in fellowship with the American Unitarian Association

George Lawrence Parker, Minister-Residence, Carver, Mass. 


Dr. Albert Einstein-- Chman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists Princeton, New Jersey.

Dear Dr. Einstein----

  It is a shame for me to write a personal line in sending you my very small enclosed contribution; for your givers should take no such liberty.      
  Nervertheless I cannot forego saying that never, in many long years of giving to "causes", have I had such excitement as I now have in sending the enclosed small sum.   Your appeal stirs me ,  I asure you.   I am courageous enough to send so small an amount because I believe that the very meaning of your Fund lies in getting millions of people to give what they can afford and  to understand what the significance of your Emergency Committee is.   I am overjoyed, in a real way,  to have just a the slightest part in the rallying of the public mind to the purpose you have stated.
   If your office can send them to me I could use in distribution and in private letters 25 or more copies of your leaflet, 'Only Then Shall We Find Courage".   I enclose some stamps. 

Very Sincerely Yours

  George Lawrence Parker 

P. S.   If you send me leaflets,  please also send your Donation Card and your letter of Dec.II  if possible.   On separate sheet I send you some names to whom you might send ,  from your office , the complete appeal you have sent to me.   Do not use my name. 

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