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Bixler, Mrs. Edward C., May 20, 1947

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May 20th., 1947.

My dear Mr. Einstein and Mary E.Ray:-

I appreciated your reply to my letter very much. I did not read Mein kampf. I did not start my thinking with that or Hitler or fear. If you do you end in war everytime. I started with Jesus and The Sermon On The Mount. No matter WHERE the evil is, not it's IMMENSITY it can be OVERCOME in only ONE way-- God's way! It can be suppressed temporarily, but not overcome permanently. Evil will NEVER be cast out by more and worse evil. Every law written in the universe all about us and in our own bodies testifies against this way. Evil can be overcome by goodness only! WHAT overcoming have we done by our EVIL METHOD? Matters are in worse shape by far than before. Are you reading "World Conquest" I think it is called by Stalin or some Russian? I'm not. I see it advertised and I object to that, for its the way our military leaders gets out people willing to give more sons and more money to go on in the killing business! We Americans better be reading "The Struggle For The World", John Day Co., $3. by James Burnham. That's what Russia will be reading and all the rest of the world and their governments will be using it to incite their people against us, just as we used Miene Kampf to incite our people against Germany. President Truman and our Congress is surely following the Burnham doctrine! And it is just as insane and just as wicked as the German or Russian doctrine and will end in the destruction of the white race at least. (I'm not bothered about the white race, I'm bothered about HUMANITY. EVERYBODY EVERYwhere is MY BROTHER) IT'S MADNESS! Have you read "Gentlemen, YOU ARE MAD"? It's the present political leaders exactly. CAN'T THE SCIENTISTS AND THE CHURCHES COME UP AGAINST THIS AWFUL MILITARY STRENGTH IN WASHINGTON? WHAT ACCOUNT ARE EITHER if they let the MILITARY MINDS LEAD US STRAIGHT and RAPIDLY TO DESTRUCTION? BOTH will have to do FAR MORE and in GREATER SPEED than at present! If we stop what Washington is doing! WHAT ACCOUNT ARE EITHER if they let the MILITARY MINDS LEAD US STRAIGHT and RAPIDLY TO DESTRUCTION? BOTH will have to do FAR MORE and in GREATER SPEED than at present if we stop what Washington is doing! Have you seen Chaplin Philip J. Allen's article, "Let's Get The Truth On Greece" in May 14th. Christian Century? Every American better read that! I dare say not one in a hundred of our Congressmen who voted for the Truman Doctrine are acquainted with these facts! Do you have any interest in the enclosed? Do you think THE PEOPLE can get together SOON ENOUGH to stay the disaster? Will you sign this? Please return to me either signed or unsigned. For God's sake and for humanity's sake do something and tell me what to do! We do not have to let the military have THE WHOLE SAY! The Congressmen's mail was overwhelmingly against Truman's military aid bill and still they listened to the military instead of THE PEOPLE. Is it it possible to find a leader and form a new party, who will have the peoples interest at heart and work at WORLD ORGANIZATION? Neither of our present parties are giving an iota for world organization and disarmament and it is what we must have or perish!

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