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Fries, Donna C., January 6, 1947.

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836 West Seminary Street Richland Center, Wisconsin

                            January 6 1947

Albert Einstein Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street, Princeton New Jersey Dear Sir:

  I received your letter with its honest appeal early in December. I am certain you should not hesitate to ask the help of all Uncle Sam's citizens. I can't donate at this time, but I have passed your letter and the two articles on to a friend. She will contact other persons and we will both do what we can to awaken the citizens of this small town to what must be done in order to save ourselves from destruction. 
  I am asking for another copy of your letter and of the articles Please send copies too, to the following addresses:
 1. Miss Margaret Barnes - 231 W. Whiting Fullerton, California 
 2. Lt. Col. R. M. McGlinn - Box 254 Williams Field, Arizona 
 3. Mr. + Mrs. A. F. Roach - 3715 Government Street Baton Rouge Louisiana

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