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Thomas Addis
Arnold O. Beckman
Vannevar Bush
Dan H. Campbell
Harris M. Chadwell
James Bryant Conant
Robert B. Corey
William H. Eberhardt
Thorfin R. Hogness
Frank B. Jewett
George B. Kistiakowsky
Joseph B. Koepfli
Arthur Lamb
Ava Helen Pauling
Linus Pauling
Linus Pauling, Jr.
David P. Shoemaker
Irvin Stewart
J. Holmes Sturdivant
Sidney Weinbaum
J. Norton Wilson
Reuben E. Wood

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Portrait of James Bryant Conant.
Portrait of James Bryant Conant. approx. 1940.
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James Bryant Conant


Papers of James Bryant Conant
Location: Harvard University Archives
Address: Pusey Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Size: 50 cubic ft.
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"[Simon's] family is in Berlin now. He is worried about anti-Semitism. He is a Jew, and so is his wife (and the children). We talked about Jews a while. He said Euken was brought to Gottingen instead of Stern because there are so many Jews there already (Franck, Born, Conant, Goldschmidt) and they thought it better not to have another."

Linus Pauling. Letter to Ava Helen Pauling. May 9, 1932.

"Have most promising method determination partial pressure oxygen. Best available post-doctorate assistant offered job elsewhere. May I hold him. Please telegram or telephone."

Linus Pauling. Telegram to James Conant. October 8, 1940.

"I have burned the carbon paper, faulty mimeograph sheets, and original manuscript of the report. I trust that you will find the report satisfactory."

Linus Pauling. Letter to James B. Conant. May 13, 1941.

"Our work on the apparatus continues to give satisfactory results. The only feature of it which has disappointed me somewhat is that our progress has been somewhat slower than I had expected."

Linus Pauling. Letter to James Conant. May 13, 1941.

"Our Section L-1 on Aerosols has been set up to handle problems dealing with both offense and defense against toxic smokes. In connection with that program they have naturally run into the old problem of measurement of particle size and particle-size distribution, and have employed two or three of the more promising optical and microscope techniques in this connection... I wonder if you would give some though to possible new methods of attacking this problem..."

James B. Conant. Letter to Linus Pauling. June 13, 1941.

"Confirming Dr. Conant’s recent telephone conversation with you, I am pleased to appoint you Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Internal Ballistics as related to Hyper-Velocity Guns."

Vannevar Bush. Letter to Linus Pauling. August 11, 1942.

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