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"The Impact of Linus Pauling on Molecular Biology."

"The Impact of Linus Pauling on Molecular Biology." February 28, 1995.
Talk delivered at the Pauling Symposium, Oregon State University.

A Founder of Molecular Biology. (1:15)


Francis Crick: I don't think it's right, really, to discuss the impact of Linus Pauling on molecular biology. Rather he was one of the founders of molecular biology. It wasn't that it existed in some way and he came down and put something on it. He was one of the founders who got the whole discipline going. And he got it going because, essentially, of two reasons. He did understand chemistry and physical chemistry and he believed that was the right way to think about these processes, not in terms of mysterious forces in which, you know, you waved your hands and didn't know about, and the other was because he was genuinely interested in biological things and he looked out in the biological world to see where he could apply the right set of ideas. So, in addition therefore to his enormous contributions to chemistry, and his humanitarian work, I think we should celebrate him really as one of the founders of molecule biology which, as you know, is in a very flourishing condition today.


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Creator: Francis Crick
Associated: Linus Pauling, Oregon State University

Date: February 28, 1995
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