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"The Impact of Linus Pauling on Molecular Biology."

"The Impact of Linus Pauling on Molecular Biology." February 28, 1995.
Talk delivered at the Pauling Symposium, Oregon State University.

Building Models. (0:36)


Francis Crick: The other great thing that I think he did was to realize what you could do by building molecular models. The models, of course, have to be to scale, the differences must be right, the angles must be reasonably right, and there must be the necessary degrees of freedom when you have single bonds. But what you would do now and days on the computer, in those days you did by having these little metal models - they usually were in that time - was that it showed you the sorts of configurations that a molecule might have.


Creator: Francis Crick
Associated: Linus Pauling
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Creator: Francis Crick
Associated: Linus Pauling, Oregon State University

Date: February 28, 1995
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