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"Continental Classroom - A Course in Modern Chemistry"

"Continental Classroom - A Course in Modern Chemistry" 1960.
A production of the National Broadcasting Company and the Learning Resources Institute in cooperation with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the American Chemical Society.

The Formation of Polypeptide Chains. (1:10)


Linus Pauling: Sixty years ago it was discovered by the chemist Emil Fischer that the amino acids are combined together into polypeptide chains. I can illustrate here the reaction by means of which these polypeptide chains are formed. Here is one amino acid that is shown with the amino group at this point, the carboxyl group at this point, here is the second amino acid - I didn't continue writing the formula - here is its amino group. The O-H and the H of these two groups can be eliminated as water and the valences of the carbon and nitrogen atom combine together into a bond so that the two amino acids are part of one molecule which is then a peptide. This is a called a peptide. This process can then be continued until perhaps as many as a hundred and fifty or two hundred or three hundred amino acids have been combined together into a long chain.


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