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"Lifestory: Linus Pauling."
"Lifestory: Linus Pauling." 1997.
Produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Household Names. (1:02)

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Peter Pauling: Someone said Einstein and Pauling are household names in the United States, certainly in my day. They were very different. Einstein, for example, was a little too old, he didn't like quantum mechanics. But Einstein was really very limited, I mean very remarkable suggestions, the special theory and the general theory of relativity. Whereas Pa had a very broad spectrum. And I told him -- I don't know a few years ago, on the telephone -- that he was too vain. Vain is the wrong word actually; he certainly knew his own abilities and was very egocentric but he couldn't have accomplished the things that he accomplished unless he was egocentric.


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