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"Lifestory: Linus Pauling."
"Lifestory: Linus Pauling." 1997.
Produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

A Fantastic, Selective Memory. (0:36)

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Jack Dunitz: He had this fantastic memory, if he had ever read something, he remembered it and he remembered it pretty accurately.

Narrator: But his use of his powers of recall was highly selective.

Peter Pauling: But he was always saying to my mother, "who was that fellow we meet on the 23rd of May 1926 in the Via Apia?" And my mother would know the name of the person. He didn't, knew the names of a few people but not very many.


Creator: Jack Dunitz, Jon Tunney, Peter Pauling
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Creator: British Broadcasting Corporation
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling, Jon Tunney, Jack Dunitz, Peter Pauling, Max Perutz, Maurice Wilkins

Date: 1997
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