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"Talk of the Nation."
"Talk of the Nation." January 19, 1996.
Produced by National Public Radio.

A Legendary Showman. (0:48)

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Tom Hager: I have to, I have to tell you an anecdote about his lecturing abilities. In about 1960 in a freshman chemistry course at Caltech, Pauling had for many years, for decades, taught freshman chemistry at Caltech but it had since been given to one of his associates, Jürg Waser. Pauling was giving a guest lecture for Waser one day and he walked into the room to deliver the guest lecture. On the blackboard some students had written "Pauling is God and Waser is his prophet." And of course that raised a great howl of laughter from the room. Pauling turned around and saw that written on the chalkboard and carefully took the eraser and erased "and Waser is his prophet," turned around and gave the remainder of his lecture to the room.


Creator: Thomas Hager
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Creator: National Public Radio
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling, Alexander Rich, Ira Flatow, Thomas Hager

Date: January 19, 1996
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