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"Talk of the Nation."
"Talk of the Nation." January 19, 1996.
Produced by National Public Radio.

Understanding the Chemical Bond. (1:26)

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Alexander Rich: Now, when Linus started out in the, in the mid-20s he immediately got into the application of quantum mechanics to understanding the nature of the chemical bond. And within a phenomenal ten year period he essentially developed a theory, applied it, and brought out his, a book in the late '30s on the nature of the chemical bond. That revolutionized chemistry because what it did was put into people's thinking the importance of chemical structure. He understood how you can use quantum mechanical principles to derive bond angles and distances and the way electrons appear together to make chemical bonds and that, that really established Linus' reputation. I recall a quotation from Einstein, who knew Linus all through this period, and after talking with Pauling about chemical bonding he was, he remarked that perhaps he better go and study the subject...a little more before talking with him again.


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