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Bell, A.J.A., September 21, 1947

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perhaps wait until I get more loose Dollars and Iwill pay the costs with you people supplying the necessary data.Just a few lines every regular once in a while,but with PLENTY POWER behind. Mr EINSTEIN you will perhaps be interested to hear Iam in touch with the Author of " GENERATION OF VIPERS ",Mr PHILIP WYLIE. Iwrote him after reading his Book.He mentioned this at the preface, " IF THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE THE STORY THEY CAN GO TO HAEDES2Iwrote and his letter came some months explaining the delay saying " I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART" etc. Ihave suggested him writing a Novel in which the Main Character is non other than THE CHRIST HIMSELF. He must build up a FIGURE that fits into the modern life of a man able to go through every phase of Human doings.All the SEX stuff from Early Childhood to the end of the Story will be just that through which Humanity has content with. Our MAN is able to demonstrate the NORMAL HUMAN BEING. All people in the story will be PERFECT in stature and Health.Supremely Physically BEAUTIFUL as was Huamnity in the Early PRIME of WORLD LIFE. No LACK, NO EXCESSES and NO WAST WERE one reason for this state. And I have asked Mr WYLIE to weave around his CHARACTER the wonderfu reply HE made to SALOME when she asked HIM how long should Death have power. HE replies " AS LONG AS YE WOMEN BRING FORTH BUT I HAVE COME TO E N D THE WORKS OF THE FEMALE" Some story and WYLIE could be the man to deliver the WORLD what we as believers int eh CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY say " THE HOUR IS COME AND THE MAN". The title of the book could be" THE HOUR -------------". Very fine weather we are having.Glorious FALL corolings. Why not have these Colors last TWO months instead of a few days in many cases?!! Ifeel sorry in a certain degree for the way this stupid state of world affairs is taking.Yet one must but see why the SOVIETS are thus so contrary.An awful mess GERMANY made of that country.However you people must give us a demonstartion of this SUPER POWER at present beyond Belief. I do not expect a reply for this though should Iget something worth while in our OIL work will advise you. No more letters shall go out of my hands.Ifeel a distinct loss yet. Sincerely, Sir: A.J.A. Bell.

The [illegible] [illegible] was the NO-LLE_" and we [illegible] the Law above All" Another feature our Man will have _ He call use [illegible] [illegible], but nothing of the other stuff. I would ask [illegible] one concession_ He is definitely [illegible] to the use of Tobacco. The young people of today are facing unforeseen problems too early use of cigarette smoking. [illegible] [illegible] to express [illegible] as a warning to them. [illegible] a good [illegible] I must say [illegible] [illegible] enjoyed [illegible] the need of John Bell's anti-tobacco attitude. Yet I believe you will see my point [illegible] throughout the [illegible] as an occultist own man will [illegible] of the [illegible] as tradition has already placed [illegible]. He must be "The Life of the Valley the bright morning star." Why not? A.J.A.B

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