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Bell, A.J.A., September 21, 1947

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Professor Albert Einstein, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Room 28, Nassau Bldg; PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, U.S.A.

Dear Mr EINSTEIN, It was good of you to write me and enclosing the papr copy from the ATLANTIC MONTHLY by Mr MEYER. With your letter I submitted it in hopes of a report on this matter, to the Colonist paper here. Not only did they lose my precious letter but they did not even mention a single item of the enclosure. It is useless to add any more words, excepting the fact that your letter to me, definitely personal and with your signature was STOLEN from the desk. The young Editor phoned me up with great regrets. So far it has NOT turned up. Some bad actor saw the value of this possibly in his mind with myself the loser. I naturally felt the risk of having to say good-bye to the letter and sure enough this came about. I gave the Editor the warning right there that I am plenty HOT so added "To not burn their fingers on my contacts" I had made a notification at the foot of your letter below your Signature and in ink. Enough. The holding of that STOLEN message will yet "Come home to Roost". However I did not permit anything unkind to get away. The fact of the other matter being ignored or perchance forgotten (I saved the enclosure) makes me feel the CROWD here are not able to accept this message of THE HOUR. People like yourself and the odd helper in your work are being used for a definite purpose. I would go further and statea it is akin to the Predestination and at the Times of the END such persons will be used. These must recognize this urge in their lives. It envolves considerable Responsibilities on the part of the recipient. He or she must therefore "MIND THEIR STEP" and walk with care in and among the Human Throng. The Message the E. COM of Atomic Scientists can deliver, a certain degree of MAJOR import given out as direct WARNINGS, as you do at present, there could also exist a DEEPLY OCCULT ATMOSPHERE brought about, and built up through, definite understanding by each member of their work and CONCENTRATED POWER OF THOUGHT of ONE CONCERN and, as you mention, the UNIFICATION OF MATTER. The answer can well be hastened through such a Group Concern. When I mentioned to you SUBSURFACE ATOMIC FISSION I have a clearly defined IDEA of what I say, it may appear very Vague to some. My "OIL IS THE KEY" etc; is one LEAD. I may NOT be the person to prove this. But you may. Or your next right hand man or woman. Therefore PRAYER and ACTION, CLEAR VISION, with Daily Thought Power, will bring what the World requires - The Imperial Oil drilling at DEWINTON, South of CALGARY a deep test are at 9115 in the DEVONIAN. This last week and it looks good. At least we are through the MADISON LIMESTONE SERIES. Our own operations are going apace. Ashallow LLOYDMINISTER well at 1875 feet to the Oil had a 25 foot Sand, this well about a 100 bar. per d. We are drilling a WILDCAT North East of LLOYD, 91 miles on what is named the EAGLE HILLS, SPINNEY HILL district. We are also liable to be drilling here on VANCOUVER ISLAND. This is BIG news but must await the time for the test. Some excitement should BIT OIL be found on the Pacific!! Mrs BELL in Ireland. She may be returning however. Aseries of well gotten up reports published here inspite of local opposition might be of use. However

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