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Donation in response to appeal sent in January; states donation was raised through students; shares how important he feels ECAS is

Donation; encloses list of names and addresses; shares that he wholeheartedly agrees with the campaign

Encloses copy of her book, "Think on These Things";expresses support for committee; donation

Donation; shares how she feels that there will always be a "black mark" on the US for dropping the atomic bombs

Donation; asks for Einstein's thoughts on his draft "Building a Science of Opinion"; gives some criticism on Einstein's article

Makes positive comments on "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"; donation

Donation and gives a list of names of her friends who might be interetesd in the work of ECAS

Donation; expresses disaggreement with one aspect of ECAS's perspectives on the current issues of peace

Donation; presents his understandings of the grave situations about the application of the atomic energy to show deep support in the work of ECAS