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Donation; shares that they are working on establishing a chapter of the United World Federalists; gives opinion that only God can rally the people to organize peace; expresses that all people need religion

Donation; shares that she is temporary chairman of the local chapter of the United World Federalists; requests letter signed by Einstein

Donation; requests pamphlets; states she is glad ECAS is launching and educational program

Donation; states they will pass the forms onto someone else

Donation; expresses intent to distribute any materials she receives

Donation; regrets it is so small; requests to be sent additional literature

Donation from her and her neighbor; offers mixed reactions from friends in response to Einstein's letter; requests assistance for locating resources to learn about Russia

Donation; shares how she feels that there will always be a "black mark" on the US for dropping the atomic bombs

Donation but wishes it was larger. States she will help the cause in her social science classes. Requests copies of Only Then Shall We Find Courage to send with her Christmas cards.