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Inquires about availability of information related to atomic energy control for use in civics class assignment

Requests information on atomic power for upcoming panel discussion

Discusses recent lecture by Dr. Posin; requests literature and information about the atomic bomb and how it works

Shares that he won 2nd prize in a public speaking contest for reciting "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"; state he earnestly believes in Einstein's statement

Requests more copies of literature for interested groups at his university

Offers moral support; expresses hope to contribute financially in the future

Requests materials related to atomic energy for study in modern physics class

Donation; feels privileged to help in educational task; enlcoses names and addresses to be placed on mailing list

Relates that Dr. Posin has given a speech at Fargo Senior High School. He is a student, he says, "I sincerely hope there will be world peace in the future."