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Carlos Alexis Cruz Oral History Interview, June 29, 2015

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - How did Carlos end up in Portland?

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Partial Transcript: Carlos discusses how he toured with an acrobatic company that brought him to Portland and he worked with Milagro. His desire for an artistic outlet kept him in the theatre community. His work has expanded to work in Latino cultural dance.

Keywords: Latino; Milagro; art; dance; theatre

00:01:57 - Portland lacked diversity element

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Partial Transcript: Milagro sought to fulfill the diversity element in theatre that was lacking in Portland. Carlos felt that Milagro represented minority communities in creating quality work.

Keywords: Milagro; Portland; culture; diversity; minority; representation

00:03:25 - Family, Generosity and Community are central themes to Milagro

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Partial Transcript: Carlos talks about how Milagro felt like family right from the start of his time with them. He was able to bound with other theatre members over their common goals and shared culture. The Latino community, Carlos states, is built of connections.

Keywords: Latino; Milagro; community; culture; family

00:05:44 - Milagro innovations

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Partial Transcript: Carlos talks about his original show with Milagro that allowed him to combine circus theater and hip hop music. He had the space to create this idea from scratch which allowed him to grow.

Keywords: Milagro; circus; creation; growth; hip hop; innovations; original

00:12:31 - Do you miss being at Milagro?

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Partial Transcript: Carlos is no longer in Portland but he does miss being with Milagro. He discusses how he feels they could be collaborating if he was still there.

Keywords: Milagro; Portland; collaboration

00:13:20 - The gift that Milagro gave to the city of Portland

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Partial Transcript: Carlos feels that there is nothing else like Milagro in the Pacific Northwest. He is glad that they continue to have their own space to represent the Latino community.

Keywords: Latino; Milagro; Pacific Northwest; Portland; community

00:14:17 - Milagro means miracle, do you see a miracle there?

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Partial Transcript: Carlos felt that it was a miracle that Milagro was created in Oregon. He was amazed to find this Latino production company thriving in Portland when he first arrived. It is something that he feels is needed for the population in Oregon.

Keywords: Latino; Milagro; community; miracle; portland

00:16:00 - Beginning of Spanish part of the interview

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Partial Transcript: Mike asks the same questions in the first part of the phone interview but asks that Carlos answers in Spanish.

Keywords: Milagro; bilingual; spanish

00:25:15 - Is there anything else you would like to share and final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Carlos talks about how he still has positive emotion for Milagro. He hopes they continues to thrive and is thankful for the opportunity to work with them. Milagro helps the Latino community. Carlos responds in both English and Spanish. Interviewer Mike shares his own thoughts on how the Milagro theater interviews have helped him learn more about the community and his appreciation for their work.

Keywords: Latino; Milagro; community