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Al Haunold Oral History Interview #1, November 18, 2014

Oregon State University
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00:00:30 - Starting at the Hops Investigation + Cascasde

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Partial Transcript: We could start with some of the varieties that are in one thing...Cascade, the first one, Willamette, and then other varieties after that one.

Segment Synopsis: Details Al joining the Hops Investigation as its head in 1965 and the work he did in his early years as well as the development of Cascade

Keywords: Al Hanould; Cascade hops; German hops; Hops Investigation; International Hops Conference; Oregon hops; USDA; Willamette hops

00:14:31 - Goals while making hop crosses

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Partial Transcript: So do you remember what they--so you told us the history of Cascade but was there a goal in mind when they collected this open pollinated seed or made these crosses? Was it the European style hop that they were trying to go for, or?

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about some of the goals they had in mind when selectively breeding hops which included production ability and alpha acid amount. He also talks about his methods in crossing for Columbia and Willamette hops.

Keywords: Anheuser-Busch; Brewers Gold; Chuck Zimmerman; Columbia hops; European hops; Fuggle hops; Willamette hops; hops; hops breeding; hops crosses; hops market; plant cytology

00:27:44 - Yakima Valley planting issues + Developing Nugget and other hops

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Partial Transcript: And then the interesting thing about Willamette is Chuck Zimmerman, who was a plant physiologists, he left us because the USDA was under constant criticism that most of the hops are grown in Yakima Valley and we don't have any hop research persons out there.

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about the issues they had with the Yakima valley hops growers, the establishment of a new research station in Yakima, and the hunt for a high alpha hop.

Keywords: Brewers Gold; Bullion; Chuck Zimmerman; Hops Investigation; Jack Horner; Lloyd Rigby; Nugget hops; Yakima Valley; Yakima Valley hops; alpha acid

00:42:32 - Washington hops commission + Galena and multigenetic hops

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Partial Transcript: They felt that a hop with fourteen percent alpha would be a direct threat to the acreage there, because with that much more alpha per acre, it would reduce the acreage there.

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about the Washington Hops Commission suing over high alpha hops, the development of Galena hops at the Palmer station in Boise, Idaho, and Al's work in the development of aroma hops.

Keywords: Boise; Bolshezev; Galena hops; Hallertau Mittelfruh; Hopsteiner; Idaho; Palmer station; Pete Simensky; Saaz; Saazer; Sam Lackens; Schlitz; Treasure Valley; Washington hop commission; hop extraction; hops

00:59:24 - Ornamental Hops

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Partial Transcript: I never really paid much attention to ornamental hops except I did get one from Europe in the 1970s, which had a typically reddish, dark reddish-brownish foliage here.

Segment Synopsis: Al talks briefly about the few ornamental hops varieties he crossed.

Keywords: Bianca; Blue Mullerbrewer; Bob Klein; Northern Brewer; Steve Kennen; Sunbeam; Sunshine; hops; ornamental hops

01:06:42 - Favorite hops developed

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Partial Transcript: So of all the hops that you've developed, do you have any that are, you're particularly found of or that you're really proud of?

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about his favorite hops breeds and why he likes them.

Keywords: Al Hanould; European hops; German hops; Nugget; hops

01:14:12 - Experimental hops test brews

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Partial Transcript: So did you have opportunities to have any of your test, experimental hops test-brewed with pilot systems?

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about the test brews made with his hops as well as the use of hops in livestock feed as a replacement for penicillin.

Keywords: Lloyd Rigby; Miller Brewing Company; Teamaker hops; hops; hops in livestock feed; hops test brews

01:24:22 - Hops Research meeting and hops in sugar

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Partial Transcript: Hops research meeting, yeah. And I had gotten--I had a friend over in Austria who was a chemist, and he worked for a large company there.

Segment Synopsis: Al talks about the introduction of hops into the sugar refinement process as a way to fight off bacillus bacteria.

Keywords: Bob Smith; hops; refining sugar; sugar; sugar industry

01:30:03 - Closing remarks

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Partial Transcript: What, um--is there anythign that you want to close with?

Segment Synopsis: Al ends his interview by talking about his daughter growing Bianca in Elk Grove, California.

Keywords: Bianca hops; Elk Grove; hops; hops in california; ornamental hops