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Mary Renneke Oral History Interview, 2016

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00:00:00 - Introduction and background

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Partial Transcript: Today is May 21, 2016. The interviewer is Suheng Chen and Hangyi Zhang. This is the oral history interview for OSU library special collection archive.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewers begin by stating the context of the interview and asking for background information.

Keywords: California; Minnesota; childhood

Subjects: California; Minnesota; childhood

00:00:53 - Discussion of LGBT issues in family

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Partial Transcript: In your family or your school, is LGBT issues ever discussed?

Segment Synopsis: Renneke briefly discusses talking about her sexuality with her family

Keywords: LGBTQ; coming out; family; lesbianism

Subjects: coming out; family; lesbianism; sexual minorities

00:04:45 - History with sports and connection to identity

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Partial Transcript: Now we want to talk a little - your experience in sports. What is your passion in sports?

Segment Synopsis: Renneke discusses her history with sports as well as its connection her gender and sexuality. She also talks about discrimination within sporting programs.

Keywords: LGBTQ; discrimination; gender; high school; scholarships; softball; sports

Subjects: discrimination; gender; high school; scholarships; sexual minorities; softball; sports

00:14:38 - Life after college

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Partial Transcript: So, back to your career and life after college time, please briefly describe your life after college life.

Segment Synopsis: Renneke discusses her life as she moved out of college and began her career. She talks about moving between jobs, playing sports, and eventually going back to college years later.

Keywords: California; career; sports

Subjects: California; career; sports

00:17:42 - Gender and anti-LGBTQ discrimination today

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Partial Transcript: Do you think gender discrimination or discrimination for LGBT groups still exists for that period?

Segment Synopsis: Renneke briefly discusses differences between her perception of discrimination by gender and sexuality today and in the past.

Keywords: Donald Trump; LGBTQ; discrimination; gender

Subjects: Donald Trump; discrimination; gender; sexual minorities

00:18:46 - Changes in Corvallis, OR and the California Bay Area

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Partial Transcript: So, for reflection, the Oregon, Corvallis area and the Bay Area - Over the past few decades, how has it changed and why do you think of those changes. especially the gender discrimination and LGBT discrimination?

Segment Synopsis: Renneke describes differences in the areas where she grew up and lived for most of her life over the past several decades, especially as it relates to LGBTQ people's lives

Keywords: California Bay Area; Corvallis, OR; Title IX; bar scene; discrimination; sports; stereotyping; verbal harassment

Subjects: California--San Francisco Bay Area; Corvallis, OR; Title IX; discrimination; harassment; sports; stereotyping

00:23:33 - Additional comments

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else you would like to share or any topics, any significant moments you would like to discuss?

Segment Synopsis: Renneke offers some final comments to the interview relating to self-respect and visibility of herself as a Lesbian.

Keywords: self-respect; sports; visibility