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Kim Kraemer Oral History Interview, March 3, 2019

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Tell us about yourself, Kim?

Segment Synopsis: Kim Kraemer discusses gender identity and not knowing about the term 'transgender' until adulthood.

Keywords: Childhood; Identity; Transgender

00:01:35 - Gender and Relationships

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Partial Transcript: How did your gender identity affect your relationships?

Segment Synopsis: Kim reflects on being a loner throughout school and the societal pressures to have heterosexual dating experiences as a teenager.

Keywords: Dating; Gender Identity; Relationships; Societal Pressure

00:02:40 - Gender and Employment

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Partial Transcript: Did your gender identity affect employment?

Segment Synopsis: Kim talks about how growing up during the feminist movement of the 1960's opened up more opportunity to work and study subjects that were previously closed off.

Keywords: 1960's; Employment; Feminist Movements; New Opportunities

00:04:32 - LGBTQ+ Community

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Partial Transcript: Are you involved with the LGBTQ+ community? If so, when did that begin?

Segment Synopsis: Kim discusses how she didn't really become active in the LGBTQ+ community until she met Tom, the man who she married.

Keywords: Activism; Community; LGBTQ+

00:06:30 - Relationship with Thomas (Tom)

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Partial Transcript: Please tell us more about your relationship with Tom

Segment Synopsis: Kim shares about Tom's childhood, how he ended up in Oregon, and the instant connection they shared when they first met.

Keywords: Coming Out; Love; Marriage; Relationships; Transgender

00:10:10 - Tom's archive collection

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Partial Transcript: Please tell us more about Tom's research that is now part of the Oregon State Queer Archives collection

Segment Synopsis: Kim discusses Tom's blog and research as a personal endeavor that he started once he retired due to health issues in 1998. He wanted to make a difference while he had his health and have a positive impact at OSU.

Keywords: Blogs; Inspiration; Legacy; Queer Archives; Research

00:12:42 - Family and identity

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Partial Transcript: How did your family react to your gender identity?

Segment Synopsis: Kim discusses the different ways her mom and stepfather treated her. Kim's sister has homophobic Christian views that prevent them from having a truly open relationship.

Keywords: Difference; Family; Homophobia

00:15:37 - Memories about identity

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Segment Synopsis: Kim talks about the one person who was accepting of her different identity and it was the auto-shop teacher she had for four years in high school.

Keywords: Acceptance; Identity; Memory

00:17:16 - What would you do differently?

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Partial Transcript: If you could do it over again, what would you change?

Segment Synopsis: Kim shares their feelings about fully transitioning, hormone treatments, and the growing societal acceptance of transgender identities.

Keywords: Acceptance; Hormone Therapy; Identity; Puberty; Transitioning

00:18:45 - Political Movements

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Partial Transcript: Were there any political movements that were important to you or that you were involved in?

Segment Synopsis: Kim shares how all the LGBTQ+ movements gaining traction have made space for people to come out and be themselves.

Keywords: Activism; Coming Out; LGBTQ+; Movements; Positive Change

00:25:46 - Advice for future generations, other transgender individuals and final thoughts?

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Segment Synopsis: Kim talks about acceptance, bullying, parental support, and education. She also discusses some of her fears, like eugenics, making a comeback but that more education around LGBTQ+ identities can help prevent that.

Keywords: Acceptance; Education; Future; LGBTQ+; Parents