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Justine Anaya Oral History Interview on the SOL Support Network, March 7, 2019

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Tell us a little about yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Justine Anaya introduces herself as a current Oregon State University student majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. She worked with SOL from 2014-2016.

00:01:41 - Identity

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Partial Transcript: How does identity influence your activism?

Segment Synopsis: Anaya discuses her indigenous, queer, female identity at a predominately white institution of higher learning.

00:04:38 - Abandonment

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Partial Transcript: Can you discuss the feeling of abandonment that you have experienced in your program and on campus?

Segment Synopsis: Anaya discusses how she often felt left out as one of the few female students of color in large STEM classes. SOL enabled her to build community on campus so that she did not feel so alone.

00:08:00 - Activism and Social Justice

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Partial Transcript: What does activism and social justice mean to you?

Segment Synopsis: Anaya discusses how her ideas of social justice and activism change over time as she continue to learn. She also talks about the environmental work she now does in Long Beach, CA and how the work environment is full of supportive, progressive individuals.

00:13:19 - SOL

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Partial Transcript: How did SOL motivate you to do social justice activism and how did it effect your life as a student?

Segment Synopsis: Anaya discusses how SOL provided her with the community she needed so she didn't feel so alone on campus and that kept her from transferring out. However, the amount of time she put into SOL started to have an impact on her grades.