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Ish Guevara Oral History Interview, 2015

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Segment Synopsis: Ish describes his salient identities, but also explains how he experiences these identities in a unique way because of the ways in which they intersect.

Keywords: Latino; gay; identity; intersectionality

00:01:05 - Intersectionality and critiquing the phrase "queer people of color"

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Partial Transcript: Do you want to talk about those intersections a little bit more?

Segment Synopsis: Ish explains why he does not like the term "queer people of color" and argues for greater specificity in these kinds of identifiers so that oppression is not simply perpetuated in different ways.

Keywords: QTPOC; cultural oppression; dark skin; intersectionality; light skin privilege

00:02:35 - LGBTQ+ involvement / relationship between the OSU Pride Center and SOL

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me how you got involved with the LGBTQ community and cultural resource organizations at OSU?

Segment Synopsis: Ish briefly describes his previous work with queer communities before coming to OSU, and outlines his trajectory to working at SOL. Additionally, he discusses why the OSU Pride Center needs to center queer and trans people of color, rather than leaving that work exclusively to SOL.

Keywords: CRC; HRC; LGBTQ+ Multicultural Network; OSU Pride Center; SOL; cultural resource centers; human rights coalition; queer communities; queer history; whitewashing

00:04:50 - Improvements to the Pride Center

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Partial Transcript: Can I ask a follow up question about that? So if you, um--let's say that you got to have the say in like the direction that SOL and the Pride Center would move in, like what direction would you like to see them move in in the future? Do you have ideas about that?

Segment Synopsis: Ish describes his vision for the future of the Pride Center, and explains how it could integrate SOL to better center queer people of color.

Keywords: OSU Pride Center; QTPOC; SOL; multicultural network; queer and trans people of color

00:06:56 - SOL's resources and programming

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Partial Transcript: What resources does SOL provide to queer people of color at Oregon State University?

Segment Synopsis: Ish describes the programs and issues important to him and others working for SOL.

Keywords: OSU Pride Center; QTPOC; SOL; multicultural network; queer and trans people of color

00:09:29 - SOL and OSU's cultural resource centers

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Partial Transcript: So you've talk a lot about how SOL--what SOL's relationship with the Pride Center is. What is SOL's relationship with the other cultural resource centers on campus?

Segment Synopsis: Ish explains how the other cultural resource centers have historically interacted with SOL, and his concerns about SOL being tokenized by the university.

Keywords: CRC; OSU cultural resource centers; QTPOC; SOL; multicultural support network; queer and trans people of color

00:10:52 - Learning self-love and self-confidence from SOL

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Partial Transcript: And then, can you talk about some of your most important experiences working with SOL?

Segment Synopsis: Ish describes how he has grown as a person through his work with SOL.

Keywords: SOL; activism; multicultural support network