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Adrian Borycki Oral History Interview, 2015

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Tell me a little bit about yourself--for example, how long you've been in Corvallis, identities that are relevant to you, um, your present academic track, and anything else that's important to you.

Segment Synopsis: Adrian introduces themselves. (NOTE: At the time of the interview Borycki used the first name “Sarah,” but is referred to in these index notes by their name--Adrian).

Keywords: disability; femme; non-binary; non-cis; queer; trans

00:00:36 - LGBTQ involvement / working and volunteering at the OSU Pride Center

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Partial Transcript: Talk about your involvement in the LGBTQ community at OSU and Corvallis--for example groups you are involved with, leadership roles you have or have had, and projects you've been involved with.

Segment Synopsis: Adrian describes how they first got involved with the OSU Pride Center, and roles they served there in their time at OSU.

Keywords: OSU Pride Center; Pride Center BBQ

00:02:01 - Greek life at Oregon State University

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Partial Transcript: Um, can you talk a little bit about your involvement in the Greek community?

Segment Synopsis: Adrian describes their impressions of Greek life at OSU, explaining that it is relatively homogeneous, but nevertheless supportive in their experience.

Keywords: Greek life; Sigma Kappa; campus involvement; gender expression; heteronormative; sorority; stereotypes

00:04:34 - Being openly queer in Greek life

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Partial Transcript: Describe some of your experiences as one of the few openly queer members of the Greek community at OSU.

Segment Synopsis: Adrian describes their experiences as an openly queer person in Greek life, including microaggressions they have faced at Greek life events, but also the support of many sorority sisters.

Keywords: bisexual; coming out; greek life; microaggressions; pansexual; queer representation; social events

00:12:06 - Growing the OSU Pride Center's social media presence

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk about how the social media presence of the Pride Center has grown and developed since you began working as a publication coordinator last year?

Segment Synopsis: Adrian speaks about their work as the publications coordinator for the OSU Pride Center, outlining their social media strategy for the center to create a stronger online presence, and their visions for the future of the Pride Center's social media presence.

Keywords: OSU Pride Center; facebook; instagram; resources; social media; social media presence; twitter