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Judy Ball Oral History Interview, 2016

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: So, today's date is May 4th, 2016. The time is 3 p.m. This interview is taking place in the Beth Ray student center with interviewee Judy Ball for the Oregon State Queer Archives.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer makes introductory remarks and asks Ball to identify herself and her birth date and birth location..

Keywords: OSQA

00:00:25 - Childhood, growing up, and family

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Partial Transcript: So, first we're just going to talk a little bit about your background.

Segment Synopsis: Ball discusses her background growing up in a poor household and community. She also discusses her interest in the New Deal.

Keywords: West Virginia; history; poverty; socioeconomic status; the New Deal

Subjects: West Virginia; history; social status

00:07:08 - Attending College, dropping out, going back

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Partial Transcript: So, obviously you had a great interest in history. Did you think in your early years of high school that you would pursue a college career?

Segment Synopsis: Ball describes her college career, including her decision to attend college, to drop out and come back, and attend graduate school. She also discusses support from professors and her parents.

Keywords: College; Graduate school; History; Lendall State College; Paying for college; Political Science; Support from parents; The Maslow School; West Virginia University

Subjects: History; Lendall State College; Political Science; The Maslow School; Universities and Colleges; West Virginia University

00:13:22 - Career and retirement

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Partial Transcript: Once you got done with college and your graduate degree, where did life take you in your workplace or your career?

Segment Synopsis: Ball talks about her career from the end of graduate studies to her retirement. She also discusses how she spends her time in retirement.

Keywords: Career; Community engagement in retirement; Government work; Health Services; Research; Retirement

Subjects: Career; Health Services; Research; Retirement

00:17:45 - Personal life and marriage

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Partial Transcript: So now we're gonna ask you a little bit about your personal life. Have you ever been married?

Segment Synopsis: Ball describes her personal life with a focus on her marriage.

Keywords: Children; Marriage; Married Life; Maryland; Parenting

Subjects: Children; Marriage; Maryland; Parenting

00:21:11 - Exploring sexuality and coming out

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Partial Transcript: What prompted you to move to Oregon in 2008?

Segment Synopsis: Ball describes her growing connection to another woman, the questions and emotions this relationship created for her, and the process of coming out to her friends. She also speculates about how her parents would have reacted.

Keywords: Oregon; affect; coming out; emotions; friends; identity; parents; relationships; sexual orientation; sexuality

Subjects: Oregon; affect; coming out; identity; sexual orientation

00:29:15 - Acceptance of diversity from family and home town

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Partial Transcript: When I was in college, I dated an African-American man and my father was absolutely...

Segment Synopsis: Ball talks about dating an African-American man and receiving her father's disapproval. She also discusses perspectives on diversity in her community more generally.

Keywords: Diversity; childhood; interracial relationships; parents; social issues

Subjects: Diversity; childhood; interracial relationships; social issues

00:34:41 - Awareness of and interaction with gay and lesbian individuals

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Partial Transcript: What were your thoughts of gay and lesbian individuals growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Ball talks about her awareness of and interaction with gay and lesbian individuals growing up and through graduate school.

Keywords: Gay; awareness; lesbian

Subjects: Gay; awareness; lesbian

00:37:15 - Labels for sexual orientation

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Partial Transcript: Currently, would you identify yourself as lesbian or bisexual or do you not attach any labels?

Segment Synopsis: Ball discusses the labels she uses to describe her sexuality

Keywords: Lesbian; bisexual; identity; labels; sexual orientation

Subjects: Lesbian; bisexual; identity; sexual orientation

00:38:29 - Relationship goals for the future

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Partial Transcript: Do you wish to be in a relationship with a significant other in the future? Or, do you plan to remain single?

Segment Synopsis: Ball describes her goals and expectations for the future of her intimate relationships

Keywords: Relationships

00:40:49 - Connection to the LGBTQ community

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Partial Transcript: Alright, so we're going to switch gears a little bit. So, since this interview is closely tied with developing the queer archives at Oregon State, could you tell us how you are connected to the LGBTQ community?

Segment Synopsis: Ball describes her connections to the LGBTQ community.

Keywords: LGBTQ; LGBTQ community

00:41:52 - Sexuality and the school board

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Partial Transcript: In our pre-interview, you mentioned that you were part of the school board here. Has your sexual orientation ever been questioned by other school board members or been brought up in any other contexts?

Segment Synopsis: Ball talks about her sexuality and the school board she is a part of.

Keywords: School Board; Sexuality

00:42:27 - Concluding remarks

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Partial Transcript: Are there any other things that we haven't asked about that you would like to address or go back and discuss further?

Segment Synopsis: The interviewers conclude the interview