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Lorena Reynolds Oral History Interview, 2016

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Introduction and Background

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Partial Transcript: So, today is May 13, 2016. We are conducting an interview on behalf of the Oregon State University Queer Archives. Can you spell out your first and last names and say your date of birth?

Segment Synopsis: The interviews open the interview and Reynolds provides background information about herself and her childhood.

00:02:28 - Interactions with LGBTQ issues as a lawyer

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Partial Transcript: What kinds of interactions with LGBTQ issues have you encountered as a lawyer, if any?

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds describes her interactions with LGBTQ issues as a lawyer, which were primarily focused on marriage, divorce, and adoption. She has also worked with trans folks seeking legal name changes and legal sex changes.

Keywords: Corvallis, OR; LGBTQ; Measure 36; adoption; divorce; families; family law; inheritance; lawyer; legal name change; legal sex change; marriage; same-sex marriage; social issues; trans people

Subjects: Corvallis, OR; adoption; divorce; families; family law; inheritance; lawyer; marriage; same-sex marriage; sexual minorities; social issues; transgender people

00:13:06 - On having a trans family member

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Partial Transcript: You did mention that you had a family member who was trans. Can you go more in depth about that and how they have impacted your life?

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds discusses how having a trans family member has affected her and her family. She describes the coming out moment as well the period in which her brother was searching for, questioning, and transitioning his identity.

Keywords: coming out; family; gender; name change; sexuality; trans; transitioning

Subjects: coming out; family; gender; sexuality; transgender people

00:18:51 - Being a part of an "It Gets Better" video

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Partial Transcript: So you were in a video series called, "It Gets Better." Is that right? Yeah, that was Triston's. Why did you decide to be a part of this and what kind of impact has this made?

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds discusses being a part of an "It Gets Better" video that her brother created.

Keywords: family; gender; representation; support; trans

Subjects: family; gender; representation; transgender people

00:21:18 - Concluding remarks

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else that you would like to add that wasn't previously mentioned?

Segment Synopsis: The interviewers ask for final remarks and conclude the interview.