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"The DNA Story."

"The DNA Story." 1973.
Created by VSM Productions. Produced by Ronald Fouracre and Peter Shaw. Distributed by John Wiley & Sons, London, New York.

Crick's Early Attitude Toward DNA. (0:40)


Francis Crick: I wasn't so sure, I think, at that time, as to whether DNA or protein was the genetic material. Of course I knew about Avery's experiments, and they were very suggestive, but you could argue that they weren't watertight. I knew Maurice Wilkins, I'd known him before I went to the Cavendish, and he was working on DNA and I'd gone to talk to him, but I didn't actually myself work on it, mainly because at the Cavendish they were working on protein structures. So I learnt about polypeptide chains, x-ray diffraction, and things of that sort, and essentially continued to be interested in DNA rather than doing any experiments or calculations.


Creator: Francis Crick
Associated: Oswald Avery, Maurice Wilkins
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Creator: VSM Productions, Ronald Fouracre, Peter Shaw
Associated: Linus Pauling, Francis Crick, James D. Watson, Maurice Wilkins

Date: 1973
Genre: video
ID: 1973v.3
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