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Quotes by or related to Wayne Morse

"May I say that the only part of your speech of 6 June to which I might offer objection is your selection of the letter x, rather than some other symbol, to refer to me. In algebra, as you remember, x is used to refer to an unknown quantity - usually the letters a and ba are used to refer to known quantities. I am not, however, an unknown quantity. I have not tried to keep anything hidden in any way. I have been willing to answer any questions that the Secretary of State might care to ask me -- in fact, I have emphasized my willingness in my letters to him, which he has not answered. I wish accordingly that you had used one of the letters in the first part of the alphabet in referring to me. Let me say, however, that I have not objection to your referring to me by that name. My character has already been damaged (I would not say assassinated, because I hope that there is some chance of its being restored to full vigor); and now any statement that you make about me, referring to me by name, will be helpful to me."
Linus Pauling. Linus Pauling to Sen. Wayne Morse. June 20, 1952.

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