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Letter from Alexander Todd to Linus Pauling. March 4, 1953.
Todd writes to clarify the properties of the three samples of pure deoxyribonucelotides that he has enclosed with the letter. Two of the samples, Todd notes, are in the form of barium salts, while the third is a free acid.


ART/JB 4th March, 1953.

Professor Linus Pauling,

Gates and Crellin Laboratories of Chemistry,

California Institute of Technology,

Pasadena 4.

Dear Linus,

Thank you for your letter. I enclose three samples of pure deoxyribonucleotides which I hope may be useful to you. I do not know whether we have sent enough or not, but you can let us know the position about that. Two of them, thymidine-3' phosphate and thymidine-5' phosphate, are in the form of their barium salts, while the third, deoxycytidine-5' phosphate, is the free acid. I hope to send you some of the fourth member of this group, deoxycytidine-3' phosphate, in a week or two's time, and we will let you have the purine ones later on.

We are much looking forward to seeing you at the beginning of April in Cambridge.

Yours ever,


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