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Letter from Linus Pauling to D.P. Riley. May 21, 1953.
Pauling writes to assure Riley of his support in Riley's search for a new academic position. Pauling also briefly discusses his and Riley's respective work on the structure of proteins and the nucleic acids.


21 May 1953

Dr. D.P. Riley

The Royal Institution

21 Albemerle Street

London, W. 1


Dear Riley:

I am pleased to have your two letters. I have written to Queen’s University in connection with your application for the Chowh Research Professorship.

I shall be pleased to provide a reference for you for the Intermediate Fellowship in Cancer Research, when the Cancer Campaign people get in touch with me. They have not yet done so.

I think that the U.S.C. matter has turned out the way it should, considering their financial situation.

I am very glad to know about your conclusions about α1 and α2, and I look forward to seeing your published paper. I am also very much interested to learn about the state of the histone in calf thymis nucleoprotein. I judge that you mean that the histone is present as an α helix.

I am also glad to learn that you have some good data on various sorts of nucleic acids. Dr. Rich here had been considering whether he should go ahead with a study of this sort – you know that we have been interested in it. I myself feel that there may well be a large number of nucleic acid structures.

Corey and I are glad to give you permission to reproduce our drawing of the α helix.

Things are going along well here. I am getting started on a new attack on the problem of the structure of collagen. I think

Dr. Riley Page 2 21/5/53

that it may be that our proposed structure is completely wrong. At any rate, we are hoping to make a thorough analysis of the situation.

With best regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling: W

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