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Letter from Linus Pauling to D. P. Riley. January 8, 1953.
Pauling writes to solicit Riley's opinion of Dr. U.W. Arndt, as Pauling and Robert Corey are considering offering Arndt an appointment at Caltech to assist them in their research on the structure of the nucleic acids.


8 January 1953

Dr. D. P. Riley

The Royal Institution

21 Albemarle Street

London W. 1


Dear Riley:

I am writing to you because Dr. Corey end I have decided that there is the possibility (not, however, yet assured) that an appointment could be offered to Dr. Arndt, effective this summer or fall.

If I remember correctly, both you and Dr. Arndt spoke to me about the possibility of his coming to this country. I believe that he wants to come here permanently.

I should be pleased to have you give me your opinion of Dr. Arndt. Has he had experience in the determination of crystals - I believe not. I remember that he is a physicist, and I think you told me that he is a good man with apparatus. Do you consider that he is a hard worker?

At the present time what Dr. Corey and I have in mind is that we might have him help us on making a radial distribution study of a number of nucleic acid preparations, and perhaps some other things.

If we find out that the funds available to us will permit us to offer him an appointment, and if your recommendation seems to justify it, our appointment would be for one year. There is, however, a good chance that the appointment could be continued for a second year.

With best regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling:W

P.S. The Editors of NATURE have now written me that our paper will appear in the 10 January issue - you no doubt will have seen it by this time. I have written them, saying that we were misled by their letter three months ago into believing that it would be given rapid publication. LP

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