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Letter from Linus Pauling to Ava Helen Pauling. April 7, 1953.
Linus writes to update Ava Helen on his stay in Brussels, including a variety of sight-seeing expeditions taken during his free time prior to the Ninth Solvay Congress, which has not yet started. Linus also notes that "I have thought more about the nucleic acid structure of Crick and Watson, and I think that it is probably right."


BRUXELLES, LE [printed] 7 April 1953 [LP's Handwriting]


Dearest love:

Our congress has not yet started, and I have not yet seen anyone (except Synge and Adair, Yesterday). We begin tomorrow, at 9:30.

Today I woke at 10:30. I was tired, not having slept very well on the plane or in Cambridge. The bed here is good. I had my continental breakfast in my room, and read until 1, in a French detective story (translated from the English). Then from 1 to 4:30 I walked around the center of town- Hotel de ville (very nice), Kings

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town house, Mameken pr's [?], etc. Then I rested in my room until 6, sow a movie (made in France), had dinner, and come home.

I hade gone to the movie (m) and restaurant (R)

[Here he put a diagram showing his journey]

by a simple way. When I came out I thought I would save a block (dotted line). Instead I got lost, and walked about a mile, coming out far beyond + below my place. I estimated my return route as shown by the /\/\/\/\/\/\/ line. Of course, the blocks aren't square and the streets aren't straight.

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I think the movies help me to understand French. The words spoken in French are given ( in some what shortened version) in written Flemish at the bottom of the screen, and I can read it easily.

I have a nice room, with a nice bathroom, much hot water, a bidet by the toilet, etc. This place is a club for university professors, etc. Very few people here - I have seen one or two in the foyer.

The papers say that the Russians have turned over a new leaf, are very reasonable, and they hope that the Americans will be , too.

I have thought more about the nucleic acid structure of Crick + Watson, + I think that it is probably right.

Much love from


P.S. Last night, 8:30 to 9, as I was coming home from my supper + movie, I sow the fireworks celebration for Princess Josephine - Charlotte, who gets married tomorrow. Very fine - like Lurich [?]. She came out on her balcony + waved to her thousands of shouting countrymen. The palace is only one block from the club.

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