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Letter from Linus Pauling to Ava Helen Pauling. April 6, 1953.
Linus writes Ava Helen to let her know that he has just arrived in Brussels. He summarizes his time in England and provides an update on how Peter Pauling is doing. Linus then discusses his visits with friends and his travels to Brussels.


BRUXELLES, LE [printed] 6 April 1953 [LP's Handwritting]


Dearest little love:

I've just arrived, safely, in Brussels, and am in my room. No one else seems to be here. Synge and Adair were in the London bus terminal, and Peter and I had coffee with them in the buffet, about noon. They came on the plane with me (S + A) but are in a hotel, rather than this club. I shall go for a walk now, and have dinner, and go to bed. The town seems to be very quit- it is Easter Monday, a bank holiday in England.

I saw Dorothy and Thomas- they passed through Cambridge on the way to visit D's mother.

Peter is in fine shape- his face no yet clear, but perhaps a bir better. He is cutting a wisdom

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tooth. He flies tomorrow to Paris. He liked the stuffed dates and cookies. I overlooked his vest. Anyway, he has a bright red one, with brass buttons - they are popular with the boys.

We had lunch with the Braggs, + their two daughters. The talk was much about Crellin. The Braggs are looking forward to their trip to California.

I dined with Bragg + Roughton last night in Trinity College. I didn't see the Todds, nor the Rothchilds + Tylers- they were in Rushbrooke.

The flight from London was nice, but a bit cloudy + a bit rough. Our bus

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from the airport met a 4-engined plane coming toward us on the ground. Our driver turned the bus around, shot back up the road ahead of the plane (which took up the whole road) and then off to one side. This is an unusual hazard.

I haven't yet learned what our schedule is for the week, not who will be here (some I know about). I am already pretty lonesome, after five days.

I have seen the King's College nucleic acid pictures, and talked with Watson and Crick, and I think that our structure is probably wrong, and theirs right.

Much love from


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