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Letter from Jerry Donohue to Linus Pauling. September 14, 1968.
Donohue writes to thank Pauling for his comments on Donohue's Fourier-DNA manuscript and to mention that he is working hard on his "elements book." Donohue also notes the strain that he felt in being so close to Watson and Crick's development of the DNA structure.


Sat. Eve., Sept. 14

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Donohue

1801 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Philadelphia, Pa. 19103

Dear Linus,

Just in case (very unlikely) you haven’t seen the enclosed I thought you’d be interested.

Thank you very much for your comments on my Faurier-DNA manuscript. I’ll send you version II as soon as it comes back from the typist.

Largely because of the P.S. on your letter I am now spending every available free moment on my elements book. As soon as it is finished I’ll send you a Xerox.

Now that the dust has settled after the publication of J.D. Watson’s book, may I remind you of when I sought some advice from you, in your Church office at Caltech some years back? I realize now that what I needed was really psychiatric advice – at that time there were only three people in the world who knew how it really happened, J.D.W., F.H.C.C., & me, and now everyone knows, except that F.H.C.C. has probably forgotten.

But I shouldn’t bother you with my problems.

Things here at Penn are coming along very well – I’m very pleased at having moved.



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