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Letter from Peter Pauling, Albert Tyler, Betty Tyler and Stevie Tyler to Linus and Ava Helen Pauling. May 15, 1953.
Peter and the Tylers writes to wish Linus and Ava Helen well, and to share a few details of recent experiences. Betty notes that she and her family have recently moved into their own home. Peter reports on a "big blurb in [the] popular press on the genetic implications of the Watson-Crick DNA." Stevie shares the latest from school, and Albert writes of his recent work on fertilization and sperm structures.


9 Seleveyn Gardens


May 15, 1953

Dear Helen,

As you see, we are in our own house as of two days ago. Of course, life is not as sybaritic as at the Rothschild but it has its points.

We are all delighted with your last letter and long to see you all but at least we have Peter!

Steve is in fine shape but is a handful on occasions. We went to a horse show where we had the honor of meeting the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester but Steve wasn't impressed as a matter of fact he almost kicked him in the shins!

Lots of love,


Dear Mamma and Daddy,

Having left the lab after tea, I dropped in on Albert, and here we are. Stevie is going to school; seems to be enjoying himself. It is very nice to be with the Tylers. I regret the Bush's arrived so soon. Be good to them. I like them very much. Big blurb in popular press on the genetic implications of the Watson-Crick DNA. XXXO

Much love,


Dear (Brucie)

I am getting along fine. I was getting troubled with the lunchoens at school. I hope that you are getting along fine love your dog (Jeffie)

P.S. I enjoyed your letter so much that I could not I could not remember to write you.


Your dear friend


Dear Helen and Linus,

Just back from Millport, Scotland where Victor and I tried to solve all problems of fertilization in the space of 3 weeks. Also visited some labs in Edinburgh for a couple of days especially Waddingtire (who has a lab of interesting immuno-emboyology going on) and Michael Savann's (who is the new D'Arcy Thompson).

We put up some sperm for electron-microscopy (by Tom Anderson's critical point method) and some of the preparations, which we have just examined may be of interest [?] fine structure.

All goes very well



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