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Letter from Peter Pauling to Linus and Ava Helen Pauling. March 14, 1953.
Peter writes to make a few final arrangements in anticipation of Linus and Ava Helen's arrival in England. Peter also shares the latest news of Watson, Crick, Wilkins and Franklin's recent work on the structure of DNA.


14 March 1953

Dear Parents,

I was very pleased to get Mamma's letter a couple of days ago and Papa's today. I expect I must write my letter in French; but not right now

I am very glad to learn your plans. I shall meet you at the BOAC London terminals, where the bus stops. I don't know if I can find a car. Do you want me to find you a place to stay here? Do you want to stay with friends or in a hotel? Actually, I have to find a place for me to stay.

Sid Bernhard & I and probably Jim Watson & maybe more are planning to go to Paris on the 7th April. Sid wants to go, and while I am not sure I can afford it, it ought to be fun.

I have sent your letter to [Easibind?] plus a check. I acknowledge receipt of $150 & credit you with $13.50.

I expect I shall go to Oxford before you come, perhaps the 28th or so. Move from friend to friend.

I gave Watson essentially the paper on nucleic acids, and after the 12th he showed it. Morris Wilkins is supposed to be doing this work; Miss Franklin evidently is a fool. Relations are now slightly strained due to the Watson-Crick entering the field. They (W.C.) have some ideas & shall write you immediately. It is really up to them and not to me to tell you about it. We tried to build your structure, and succeeded, I think, it was pretty tight. Perhaps we should try the new one. They are getting pretty involved with their own efforts, and losing objectivity.

I shall press my research on a motor vehicle & make further recommendations. I am almost sure it would be more convenient to buy the car in France, but shall check further.

Next summer, I am rather desirous of staying in Scandinavia. Once there, I might as well do it up brown, and there is no point of my getting here before 1 October. I am not sure what your desires are. Reports of your wishes w.r.t. me are a little conflicting, but we shall see. The following summer I can do southern Europe. Is Linda coming sometime? You'll need a bigger car for four.

The weather is becoming really grand. Blue sky and sun, and it is not dark until 6:30 or so. ([V red?] to be black at 4:15) Life is becoming quite pleasant. I went to two balls this week, the only dances I have been to. I know a number of girls, and seem to get along well with Scandinavian girls. As a sensible young American, I stand out a bit in this town of pansy Englishmen. There are more Continental girls here than men.

I am hunting for a place to live next year. I can live where I please, undisciplined. Perhaps I should live with Sid. Better a flat in King's Parade. Hah.

Lennard Jones is at Stoke-on-Trent. He is leaving immediately after Easter.

I shall write Dorothy, more w r t my staying than your coming.

Work is going passably well. I must get this job finished. Kendrew would not go to the RI under any circumstances, but Max might.

Much love,



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