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Letter from Peter Pauling to Linus and Ava Helen Pauling. January 23, 1953.
Peter writes to briefly discuss his latest research and personal activities. In particular he notes that "it is rather dull now" that Jim Watson has left.


Sunday 23rdI think

of January

[Actually 25 January 1953]

Dear Mamma and Daddy,

I have to go to work pretty soon, but prefer to listen to some stuff & write. I am taking the readings for the absolute intensity of some [steel?] reflections.

I have sent letters & cheques to 1. J. dyman Eng.

2. The Penaday Society

3. People's Books

I received an excellent letter from Mariette. Sounds like a fine girl. She might be completely grown up at the present rate continues by the time I am grown up, the rate of which is rather uncertain. I must write a letter to her.

Mamma, you darling, my package came. Thank you very much. I have probably already written you about it. The [Springers?] are superb. They arrived excellent. The dates are very good; I had had some dates a little while ago; and the nuts I like. They disappeared to quickly. I like the sweater. It is a lonely color. For indoor wear.

Is Linda coming to see me?

The Daffodils are now blooming furiously. There are immense quantities in the market. Wild wood daffodil, are 9d a dozen. It has become very cold. I wear my duffel coat and my lambskin boots. I also have a cold, which I expect will last until summer.

I wish Jim Watson were here. It is rather dull now. Nothing to do. No interesting girls, just young affected little things only interested in sex, I am in direct manner.

I think I shall go hear the professor's inaugural speech at the R.I. I shall visit the 5 [?] I guess for the weekend.

I enclose a couple of reprints from The Tatler.

Much love,


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