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"Lifestory: Linus Pauling."
"Lifestory: Linus Pauling." 1997.
Produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Denying Pauling's Request. (0:52)

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Maurice Wilkins: He wrote to me at one stage in, I think, the beginning of 1952, saying could we send him some x-ray diffraction photographs of DNA? I replied and I said "no, thank you very much for asking," or something, that "we need more time," we wanted to spend more time looking at them ourselves.

I don't feel ashamed of saying "we'd like more time, if you don't mind." But what I do know is that if he had come over in 1952 and visited our lab to look at those x-ray diffraction [photos], I'm sure I couldn't have resisted showing him every damn thing we had. Because it was this sort of god-like presence. It would be such an honor to show these things.


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