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Letter from Jack Sherman to Linus Pauling. April 18, 1932.
Sherman writes to pass along the formulae obtained for Slater's "F" and "G" integrals, notes that he will resume work on it in June and would appreciate Pauling's commentary on the work. Encloses a photo from the Star-News and the manuscript "Report on Wave Mechanics, Slater's Theory of Complex Spectra."


Pasadena, Calif.

April 18, 1932

Dear Linus,

I am enclosing the formulae which Ralph and I obtained for the "F" and "G" integrals. As you can readily see, the formulae are quite complex due to the term containing the quintuple summation. By algebraic manipulation it may be possible to considerably simplify the formulae. However, Ralph and I have decided to postpone doing any further work on the problem. He wishes to devote all his time to studying for the doctorate examination and I wish to devote all my time to completing my thesis. We hope to continue about the beginning of June.

Last Friday and Saturday Cal Tech held its annual exhibit day. While I was setting up the crystal structure exhibit on Thursday a "Star-News" photographer came in the room and insisted on taking the picture which I am enclosing.

I hope that you and Mrs. Pauling are having a most enjoyable time. I want you to express my appreciation to Mrs. Pauling for her kind note thanking me for the box of candy which I presented to you both.

I shall appreciate any comments which you may make concerning the formulae.



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