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Letter from Linus Pauling to Arthur B. Lamb. February 11, 1931.
Pauling writes to submit the paper "The Nature of the Chemical Bond" for publication in The Journal of the American Chemical Society. He notes the length of the paper, stating that the removal of portions of the paper would render it unfinished and difficult to read, making the length necessary. Pauling explains that if JACS cannot publish the paper promptly, he will submit it to the Physical Review or another journal in which it will be published quickly


February 11, 1931

Professor Arthur B. Lamb,

Laboratory of Chemistry,

Harvard College,

Cambridge, Mass.

Dear Professor Lamb:

I wish to submit the accompanying paper entitled "The Nature of the Chemical bond" for publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. I realize that the paper is longer than those usually published in the Journal. This is not because it is in any sense a review; except for short introductions describing previous work, only original work is discussed.

The paper could be shortened a little by omitting reference to previous work and by condensing the explanatory discussions of new results; but I feel that this would render it more difficult for chemists to understand what has been done.

The paper seems to me to be primarily of chemical interest, and I hope that it may be published in the Journal of our American Chemical Society; but if prompt publication might be prevented through time-consuming consideration by referees, I must ask you to return the manuscript for I shall then feel obliged to publish it in the Physical Review or in a European journal where quick publication can be secured.

Very truly yours,


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