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Letter from Gerald Wendt to Linus Pauling. March 13, 1928.
Wendt writes to express his hope that Pauling might be able to complete his manuscript on the application of quantum mechanics to hydrogen in time for publication in the May issue of Chemical Reviews.



Issued under the Editorial Direction of the

American Chemical Society

Fort Worth, Texas

March 13, 1928

Professor Linus Pauling,

Gates Chemical Laboratory

California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, California

My dear Dr. Pauling,

Your letter of March 2 has just reached me. I am sorry that I did not have it earlier since I might then have stopped at Pasadena to discuss the entire question with you. I am now, however, on my way east and cannot do so.

I am sure that your manuscript on the application of the quantum mechanics to the case of hydrogen would make a very welcome addition to the May number of this journal which will be devoted entirely to atomic structures and related questions, which papers by Dushman, Harkins, and Emerson and perhaps others. I hope that you can make a special effort to complete it by the first of April and not later than the fifth. Please remember that this is a review journal and that most readers are not familiar with the subject. This does not in any sense mean that the papers should be "popular" but they should contain a sufficiently broad survey of the field to give background to the reader. If this material has been given as a graduate course I am sure it will meet this suggestion.

I hope that enough time remains so that you can let me have the manuscript. If necessary I should be willing to postpone publication for a few days or a week in order to include your paper in this special number, but that would not be desirable.

Gerald Wendt

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